CEO Aleksandra Dyka wearnig blue blouse and jeans

"Lauri Sigma is the beauty in You. Green beauty at executive level."

Aleksandra Dyka/CEO

Dear all,

Welcome to the world of Lauri Sigma – a world where we fuse science and nature with the aim to create exquisite, skin-indulging and sense-pleasuring skincare products.
With each component being thoroughly researched into, Lauri Sigma offers the highest quality of products, with organic ingredients being first line choice in the formulation process.
Lauri Sigma is a new indie skincare brand created in and inspired by a vibrant city with a thriving business sector, high class academic centre and impressive industrial past, situated at the doorstep of the breathtakingly beautiful Yorkshire Dales – the city of Leeds. Just like its place of origin, Lauri Sigma harmoniously combines high-performance and effectiveness with subtle, yet powerful nature.
Please join me in the journey throughout beauty wonders and science secrets.

Aleksandra Dyka – our founder and formulator

“I have spent my whole life fascinated by science and nature. Upon graduating from the Medical University of Gdańsk, where I studied Pharmacy and focused on botany, organic chemistry and biochemistry, I felt the need to deploy my academic knowledge and skills into creating products that were science-based and natural.
Lauri Sigma is all about ambition, success, achievement – not just for your skin, but for your whole life. Built on determination, persistence and uncompromising quality, our brand encourages you to be your best and stay one step ahead in an ever-changing world.”

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