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Introducing The Office Hand Cream by Lauri Sigma

A light, non-greasy cream which hydrates, softens and protects your skin where you need it most – your hands. Combining nature with science, we bring you a product so powerful you’ll feel the benefits right from the first application. Rich and smooth in texture, our quick to absorb super-hydrating formula leaves your skin immediately softer, refreshed and ready to take on the next task.

Message from the founder and formulator, Aleksandra Dyka:

CEO Aleksandra Dyka wearnig blue blouse and jeans

"A new normal" they say; should it be resisted or embraced? Shall we fear the change or become a part of it? Whichever way we decide to choose, we should remember that the most powerful, colourful and breath-taking views in our universe occur because of a change: Northern Lights shimmer across the northern and southern sky because of a change in atoms energy state; each spring the nature is brought back to life due to the Earth changing its position towards the Sun and let's not forget that our houses are powered by an alternating electric current changing its direction 50 times per second!
Let's welcome the change with an open mind and confidence in Mother Nature to guide us safely towards the new equilibrium.

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